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Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD)

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Holistic immune phenotyping together with multimodal patient evaluation can be used to tackle several challenges in today’s IBD care e.g.,

  • disease pathogenesis 
  • disease activity
  • therapeutic response
  • prognosis
  • inadequacy of presently available clinical tools to describe disease heterogeneity.

Using immune phenotype-based sub-classification of IBD as basis, immune profile data is correlated to various tools for clinical patient evaluation. The overall aim is to provide new knowledge of the pathogenesis in IBD, including immunological and molecular pathways, and to design new clinical support-tools that can be used e.g., for disease sub-classification, disease-activity evaluation, prediction of therapeutic response or estimation of disease prognosis. Ultimately, generating new knowledge and tools that may lead to an increased benefit to the patients and more cost-effective clinical management.

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