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Discovering Together

Each project we take onboard is unique. Our experts offer advice and strategic support to get the right experimental approach to meet your goals and support you with an end-to-end solution. With our background in academic research (basic and clinical) and long experience from the pharmaceutical industry, we also act as an entrusted discussion partner that provides strategic support to projects related to immunology and inflammation.

Medetect has specializing in histological solutions for the drug discovery community. We understand the need for new drugs directed at novel targets that will add value for patients. Likewise, we understand the challenges associated with disease heterogeneity and patient selection for optimized personal medication. We also understand the importance of validating pre-clinical models in order build confidence in translational medicine approaches. Our dedicated team of specialists with extensive experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry are focused to meet these challenges.

With a focus on pre-clinical and clinical assessment of inflammatory conditions, Medetect provides cutting-edge solutions for every aspect of histology, devoted to finding the best ways to reduce risk in successful target validation in drug discovery and clinical development. Medetect’s broad spectrum of histological services range from state-of-the-art histological assessments to advanced tissue-based target validation programs, scientific marketing, and strategic support.

At Medetect we are ready to support you throughout the drug discovery and post-marketing phases

  • Analyze, or assess and validate, biological markers/drug targets as well as immunological and structural pathologies in clinical samples or samples from pre-clinical models
  • Assess and evaluate the translatability of preclinical models to diseased human tissues 
  • Explore safety aspects in relation to drug targets
  • Support your rational for expanded indications (drug repurposing)
  • Provide scientific support to publications, medico marketing or fund raising
  • To contribute with new knowledge on human disease pathology or patient sub-populations
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