Our Toolbox - Histology and Image Analysis

Keeping Ahead

Medetect strives to stay at the forefront in technical and methodological approaches for advanced tissue/histology analysis. To meet this goal, we conduct our own in-house research on novel solutions to unravel inflammatory processes and structural alterations in tissue samples. Specifically, we are focusing on new automated approaches to visualize complex cell distribution patterns and their correlation with selected molecular target pathways. Other approaches include more efficient complementary ways to assess immune cell profiles in routine blood samples and or luminal samples like BAL and sputum samples through automatized and simultaneous distribution analysis of multiple cell markers and target proteins in crude samples.

Our toolbox includes, but is not limited to, the following methodological approaches:

  • Sample selection, power calculations and tissue processing for histological analyses
  • State-of-the art histology (routine special staining)
  • State-of-the art histology (immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization; BF and FL)
  • Proprietary own high-end multiplex IHC allowing simultaneous detection of all major cell populations, structural pathologies and selected molecular pathways
  • Multiplex IHC (different platforms)
  • Multiplex ISH and high-end spatial mRNA profiling (different platforms)
  • Combined multiplex mISH-mIHC (simultaneous detection of selected mRNA and protein targets)
  • Histology-based single cell analysis
  • Digitalization / Whole slide imaging (bright field, single-high plex fluorescence)
  • Advanced computerized quantitative image analysis
  • Proprietary software for histomic data generation
  • AI-based tissue analysis
  • Standard and advanced statistics (incl. spatial statistics) 
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