Our Competencies - Consultancy and Expertise Areas

Our experts, with a background ranging from basic and clinical science, pathology to clinical pharmacology have an extensive experience in designing, setting up, analysing, and evaluating many types of studies. These include explorations in man and animal- or in vitro cell models, in a variety of disease areas. We understand that knowledge about how to mitigate for technical pitfalls, and scientifically founded interpretation of generated data, is fundamental for our clients. We are also aware of the importance of regulatory requirements, GxP practices, and other applicable regulations, guidelines or Code of Conducts established within the pharmaceutical industry. Medetect’s core expertise is based on 20 years of collaborating and supporting global pharmaceutical companies with histological solutions.

Our consultancy and expertise areas are:

  • Development, or optimization, of complex or difficult staining protocols and analysis strategies (including validation of primary antibodies)
  • Design and performance of End-to-End histological research projects 
  • Research data evaluation and scientific advice - beyond the box thinking 
  • Regulatory consultancy regarding human biological samples/GCP compliancy
  • Profound knowledge in the principles of microscopy, cutting-edge histology and image analysis, and image visualization 
  • Scientific excellence in immunology and immunopathology (human diseases and related animal models)
  • Deep knowledge about the challenges related to disease heterogeneity, patient phenotyping and biomarker selection
Medetect AB