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Medetect was founded in 2008 by Prof. Jonas Erjefält as a spin-off from his academic research at Lund University. Over the 15 years since, Medetect has grown organically to become a full-service histology CRO with cutting-edge competence in histology, computerized quantitative image analysis and microscopy-based immunopathology research.

We have successfully contributed to groundbreaking new disease knowledge through clinical and academic collaborations and a vast number of projects in the pharmaceutical industry. With location at Medicon Village/Lund in the heart of Medicon Valley, the renowned hub for life science activity in southern Scandinavia, Medetect is situated within walking distance from clinical collaborators at one of Sweden’s largest hospitals, Skåne University Hospital, and academic collaborators at Lund University which is one of northern Europe's oldest universities.

To support clients and collaborators with cutting-edge histology, Medetect has a well-equipped own laboratory and a histological technical platform including, but not limited to, the proprietary technique for robust multiplex immune staining, Additive Multiple Labeling Cytochemistry (AMLC) and the own developed image analysis software Cell Community Viewer (CCV). Our dedicated consultant team has a long and broad range of expertise ranging from areas such as human immunopathology and clinical pharmacology to in vitro and in vivo models of disease and in-depth methodological and technical knowledge within histology and image analysis. 

As an alumni member of the SMILE life science incubator, Medetect also has access to the SMILE core facility laboratories with equipment that includes a range of advanced instrumentations. Medetect can also facilitate contact with other life science innovator members in the SMILE community, if other CRO services outside our own competence area are needed. 

Medetect Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision is to make a difference to the understanding of the TRUE NATURE of immunological and structural changes in disease and thereby contribute to better health care. Our mission is therefore to support our pharmaceutical and academic collaborators with high-quality services and groundbreaking histological data. To reach our goals, we continuously strive to improve our own contribution in everything we do and to act according to our values. At Medetect, we value knowledge, genuine creativity, dedication, and responsibility.

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